Since, I am very involved in sorority life I wanted to start a sorority spotlight where I write about different sororities on my campus and on other campuses. The first sorority that I will begin with is my own (of course!).            

This past fall I pledged Alpha Omicron Pi. This was one of the smallest sororities on campus but they were full of spirit and willing to do whatever it took to get their name out. I was very apprehensive about joining a sorority with all the negative stereotypes that people have created around them. However, when I first met these sisters I knew that the typical sorority girl stereotype did not stand with them. They were so friendly, unique and so excited to share with me about their sisterhood. From the minute I stepped in the door I knew that I found the right group of girls to call my sisters. After going through my pledge period and initiation I felt so close with everyone and could not wait to sport my letters around campus!

When spring recruitment time came around we practiced day and night to make sure we put our best foot forward to show future sisters what we had to offer. Being at a small university where the Greek life is not as big as some schools, we were surprised as to how many girls came out for recruitment. Everyone did so well to make girls say, “I want to be apart of AOII”. That was amazing to hear because we were so small! Turns out we did so well and picked the most amazing group of new members that are now sisters! We were now beginning to put our name on campus.  

Being a part of a sorority means that you have so many different events that you do for charities or your philanthropy. Our philanthropy is juvenile arthritis. This foundation speaks to me because it’s for the kids. No child should be put through the pain that arthritis gives them. For us to raise money for such an important cause means a lot to me. We put on bake sales, a kick ball tournament and a PIE in the face event. These events are what brings our sisterhood together as a whole. This past week we had our Greek week. During this week we had a penny wars competition. The money was going to local firemen’s families that passed away in a tragic fire. This spoke a lot to me because my dad is a firefighter. Knowing that these pennies were going to families in need also brought the whole SJU Greek community together. As a whole SJU Greek community raised 1,000 dollars in pennies for these families! Events like this shows those people who have stereotypes about Greek life that we do great things for our communities as well as having brothers or sisters for life.

Ultimately, what I want to say is that my chapter, smallest on campus, received Chapter of the Year! I believe that this award was perfect for our year’s progress. I am so happy to say that I am an Alpha Omicron Pi sister at Saint Joseph’s University. Its awards like these that make you love your sisters more for all the hard work that they have done.  I think we forget sometimes how hard we work for the better of our chapter and rarely say thank you. So, I would like to say thank you for a wonderful year and I look forward to many years wearing my AOII letters!