In high school, I remember pretty much having something to do every weekend night whether I was cheering at a sports game, attending a fundraiser, or hanging with friends. In college, I’m finding that I’m doing the same things every weekend. Not that I don’t have a great time getting dressed up and going out with my friends, but I like changing it up also. Here are some of the things I’ve done recently that have been just as fun as going out to the local bars.

1. Dare Night. I don’t know if anyone has seen One Tree Hill, but in one episode in I think season 3, the new kid to the school Felix, organizes a dare night. In the show, some of the dares they did were questionable but the ones that me and my friends did were legal and still a lot of fun. My friends and I split up into two teams; boys versus girls. The boys going into it didn’t think it was going to be fun but when they got into it, they had a great time. Just remind them to have an open mind! Some examples of dares we did were singing your order at a fast food restaurant, among of team of six people eat ten Mcdoubles from Mcdonalds, propose with a ring pop to a stranger, and since we go to UMD we had to take a picture with 3 Testudos around campus. It was a lot of fun and definitely a different evening then the usual frat party or bars night out. This is a picture of my team below! 

2. I did this for my boyfriend, but you can get a group of girls together too if you don’t have a boyfriend to do this. Stay in one night and just cook dinner. Go to the grocery store and get your favorite foods with a girlfriend. Me and my friend Shannon just told our boyfriends to get dressed up and come over at 7. They had no idea what to expect. When we went to the grocery store at first, we didn’t know what to get really either. But once we saw all the options we just went with it and it turned out great. If you split the cost with a friend, the cost really isn’t high at all for how much food you’re making. We made steaks, which was a first experience for me, taco meat with macaroni and cheese in it, corn, fried rice, and much more. We put their favorite music on and had it all set up when they came over and they loved it. It was a lot of fun. After that we all watched a movie together. It was nice to make a home cooked meal, while being at school. Definitely better then the usual Ramen noodles. The picture below is our table set up when we cooked for them. 

3. Day trips to the beach! Or if you don’t live near a beach, somewhere exciting that isn’t too far away from where you are. My best friend Rachel and I, have taken a couple day trips to Ocean City, Maryland. We visited there for a day partially because we are living there this summer so we had some stuff to figure out but also because it’s fun to get out of town for a little bit, even if it’s only for a couple hours. If you don’t have a car or metro near campus, use Zipcar or bus systems like Greyhound. They have low rates and can take you places like New York for a day. Get some friends together and visit somewhere new. It’s a lot of fun! Below is me and Rachel on the boardwalk!

I hope this gives you guys a couple of new ideas on how to spend an evening or day at school!