As winter break begins to come to a close and second semester will soon be upon us, going back to school feeling refreshed and renewed is essential. After all, who doesn’t want to show off their vacation tan, holiday gifts, or other newly acquired goodies? But, the best thing to come back to school with is new clothes and accessories to show and share with friends (especially since Facebook pictures make re-wearing outfits a bit questionable).

Having been at school for a full semester now and truly learning the ropes, many people may find that their style has changed. Whether it’s friends, activities, or weather that have been an influence, you may be in need of adjusting your wardrobe. Although most people don’t have the luxury of buying a totally new closet of clothes, there are some easy and affordable ways to update your look for less!

If you are like me and go to school in a warm climate, “winter” clothes aren’t really needed during the fall months. Bringing some boots and sweaters from home back to school for second semester is a great way to add to your college collection without having to spend a dime.

Trading and swapping outfits with friends is another great option for adding some new variety. Coming back home to friends who are at all different schools offers a great way to switch up your clothes for the upcoming semester. Whether you send each other things while at school or exchange back during the summer, the new selection can be totally revitalizing.  Just be careful about lending your home friends’ clothes to your school friends in order to avoid any kind of mishap!

Another great way to go back to school looking like you did some serious damage at the mall is by simply going through your closets and drawers at home. Yes, it may sound tedious and pointless, but you may be surprised at what you find. Whether it is a pair of shoes that you forgot to pack back in August or a purse that you haven’t worn in years and is back in style, the possibilities are endless. You can also use the opportunity to reorganize your room so that unpacking in the summer is not such a hassle.

When all else fails and you feel like you the only way to cure your wardrobe problems is by hitting the stores, shop in moderation. Buy things like scarves and open sweaters that will add variety to your everyday white V-neck and jeans. In order to save, look at the sale racks for staple items like tank tops and leggings. Finally, invest in items that are versatile and can be worn in different ways, whether it is to class or out to dinner with the girls.

In the end, we all want to have an endless supply of our favorite styles, so using these helpful tips can allow for that without breaking the bank!