Many of us are addicted to social media and all of its commodities, however some forget that it may be used as a digital platform to extend your reach and influence others. As a recent graduate, I have learned that your online presence and managing your digital footprint is quite important. 

First question, have you ever Googled yourself? Well you will be surprised that friends, associates and clients are in fact Googling you. This may come as a revelation, but nowadays Google can be used as a resume and if the first page is not about you, then something is wrong. On the other hand, this could mean a fresh start to a blank slate and for you to share accurate, relevant and current information about yourself.

Claiming your name on the main social networking site such as Google, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook is the first crucial step, because they rank high in Google search results. As a college student this may be very useful as potential employers will most likely be viewing your online profiles. Depending on your major, having an online portfolio or a visual resume would be quite valuable as it will showcase your personality and artistic abilities. In addition, writing for websites such as Dormify or a personal bog can highlight your writing skills as well as creativity. The sky is your limit to what you could do online. But this must be done in an efficient and effective manner. 

Once your name is present online, it is important to grow your network and build a platform. Whether it be gaining more followers on Twitter or following groups on Linkedin, show the online world who you are and what your message is. Sites such as and are great starts to express who you are and what you’re interested in. In addition, as a student or a graduate, networking with the right people online could lead to great opportunities for the future.

Final words: Be yourself when branding yourself online.

Good luck connecting!