I’ve inherited a lot of my mom’s traits as I’ve gotten older, and one of those includes not backing down easily when it comes to wanting certain things in life. I like setting a plan and executing it on my own accord and then seeing the pay off. While this is usually a good thing, when going head to head in the ring with mama herself, it can be a little interesting.

While my mom and I definitely had our fair share of tiffs while dorm room shopping, it was actually my mom who came into my room one day with a newspaper advertisement of Dormify gear—so there was no fight when it came to getting sheets! But when it came to dishware, random decorations and more, we definitely butt heads in the middle of aisle two at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your mom make what is a stressful process, just a little bit easier:


Spread it Out

When it came to going about getting everything, I wanted to do it all at once. What this means is that, when it came time to checkout, the receipt was fairly long to say the least. To protect yourself from looking like your spending a second tuition on décor that will make mom go wild, allot yourself enough time in the summer to make multiple trips to help lessen that ca-ching sting.


The “Fun Stuff”

My mom and I definitely sparred over what was and wasn’t necessary. Pillows? Necessary. Two extra decorative pillows? To me, yes. To my mom, no. So, as a compromise, figure out what “extra swag” it is you want the most and offer to split the costs with your lady in charge.


Do Your Research Before

Because college is where you learn all about being a more independent person apart from your parents, if you take the bull by the horns and research the exact type of essentials it is that you need, your parent will definitely be more receptive to you. If you are even able to get some of your dorm room necessities online, your mom will also be game in that that means one less trip to the store!


Practicality Versus Style

I wanted a cute purple shower caddy (most of you will come to find this is an absolute dorm room need) whereas my mom opted for the more sensible black mesh caddy. To avoid tense words in the sea of other shoppers, let her win out on the practical items you care less about so that the cuter things you want you’ll be able to win on because you saved money previously. I let my mom win on the caddy and then she was more inclined to let me go for three bulletin boards versus two.


Make it Fun

Bound down the stairs into your kitchen and, with a smile and a good morning hug, talk about how much you’re looking forward to spending this extra time with your mama before heading to college. Some moms out there will put up more of a fight while shopping because they’re finding it hard to think about you actually leaving. She’ll appreciate it and be more game when you actually want to go for the cute Dormify Chevron duvet.


Get Crafty

For the last few months, the girl world has been given the gift of Pinterest. With it comes hundreds of DIY ideas for dorm room décor. In the vein of “making it fun,” ask mom to help you out with crafting picture frames or bulletin boards for your room. And make sure to include one of those frames with a photo of the two of you! DIY is a great way to save money and time in rush hour traffic, so start pinning!


At the end of the day, really enjoy this moment in time with your mom. It’s your last summer before everything changes, so make sure you’re keeping it light and drama free!