Now that you know how to find your dream sorority,  prep for fall rush and how to rush in style, it’s time to learn all about the main event – recruitment! Recruitment is a jammed pack, emotional time lasting anywhere between three days to an entire week. Each day you will be visiting the chapters at your school and learning about their sisterhood, philanthropy and membership in each house. At the end of this crazy process, you will pref the sororities that you would accept a bid from and become a new member in that chapter! 

Pre-Recruitment: If your school has recruitment in the fall – not before school starts, but during the actual semester – there will most likely be a few meetings before recruitment starts. My school has a general Greek life interest meeting for both sororities and fraternities and then girls have meetings with their recruitment counselors. If your school has recruitment before the semester even starts you will probably learn most of your information from your school’s recruitment group on Facebook or when you arrive for recruitment. Last, but not least, for those of you who go to schools that have recruitment in the spring, there will be several different meetings throughout the fall semester to get to know about the recruitment process.

Pre-Recruitment To-Do List: Make sure you join your school’s recruitment Facebook group if they have one. Information such as meetings, time changes and where to sign up for recruitment are posted on these groups. Also, start learning about the chapters on your campus. Like each chapter’s Facebook page and visit their websites. These will give you ideas on what sort of questions to ask each house during recruitment and an idea of what each chapter is like. 

Meet the Chapters Night: In general, meet the chapters night is the very first night of recruitment. Every girl going through recruitment will be visiting all of the chapters on campus. This is the most informal night of recruitment. You’re allowed to wear nice shorts and a shirt or a sundress. Conversations on the first night are the usual getting to know you questions, but make sure that you’re being interactive with whoever you are talking to and asking questions as well. 

Meet the Chapters Night Tips: At the end of the night or even if you have some time between parties, grab a pen and piece of paper and write down what you liked about each chapter you visited. I’m horrible at remembering names, so I would also write down who I spoke to. Say you spoke to Hillary at XYZ sorority on day one, you are invited back to XYZ sorority on day two and see her, say ‘Hi Hillary!’ It shows that you were really paying attention. 

Skit Day: The second day of recruitment is where sororities show off their singing and dancing talents with a skit! The skit usually goes with a theme the individual chapter is using for recruitment and shows the values the sorority places an emphasis on. You may not be going to all of the chapters on the second day of recruitment due to being cut for a variety of reasons, but don’t let that worry you because you will find a chapter that you’re meant to be in! This day is also a little bit more serious than meet the chapters night. You’re still meeting new girls from the sorority, but you’re going to be diving a little deeper into your conversations. 

Skit Day Tips: Have a few challenging questions in mind to ask the girls you speak to at each chapter to get a better idea of what that individual house is like. When I went through recruitment I would ask, “What made you want to become a part of XYZ sorority?” and “What does your sorority’s creed mean to you?” Also, if you are interested in eventually becoming a member of your future sorority’s executive council, make sure each sorority knows by day two. I would often ask what positions the sorority has on staff and on their EC. 

Preference Day: Preference day is your final chance to discover what each chapter on your campus is like and for them to get to know who you are. This is the most serious day during recruitment. There will usually be no door chants and instead each sorority will sing a song as the PNMs (Potential New Members) walk inside the house or, like my school, the room where each chapter is having their recruitment parties. The girl you talk to will be someone you have previously talked to during recruitment and will be someone who can really see you as a member in their chapter.

Preference Day Tips: After visiting each chapter make sure you sit down somewhere alone and really think about your decision about who you would like to pref. Don’t write down a sorority on your preference sheet just because your friends are. Think about where you felt the best connection and where you can see yourself. These sisters are for life, not just for four years. 

Bid Day: Bid day is what you have been waiting for ever since you signed up for recruitment! It’s the day you find out what sorority you have been invited to join as a new member. You will meet up with your new pledge class sisters and then run into the arms of your loving new sisters! At my school, we spend a few hours together hanging out and bonding as new sisters. You may be taken to a location off-campus to do something fun like painting pottery or you may just be hanging out, but whatever it is you are definitely going to be having fun.

Bid Day Tips: Make sure you wear shorts or jeans that will match your new bid day shirt. You don’t know what it’s going to look like so make sure you go with something that will match multiple colors. At your bid day party, go around and introduce yourself to your pledge class sisters and the actives.

After you receive your bid, go look at Dormify’s Greek collection and see if they have your sorority! If they do, you can purchase some great shirts and decor to show off your sorority spirit.