Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to a good friend. If you’ve never experienced college it can be a nerve wrecking topic, but I’m here with a few ideas of gifts to give those departing friends! The gifts do not need to be expensive, in fact if it is thoughtful and creative that can mean more than a larger price tag. From muploads to monograms, these ideas will make a great last impression on those friends who are moving on into the next chapter.


Monogrammed Cups are a thoughtful but also practical gift that are essential for dorms.


Buy a pretty frame that your friend would like, print off a picture from Facebook and you have a perfect gift!


College essentials gift is a cute was to give a gift that you know will be appreciated. 



A Monogrammed cosmetic bag is personalized and also adorable.


Picture collages are a good way to take all those cute photos from Facebook and make them into something thoughtful.