If you’ve just graduated from high school or are coming home from your first year of college (or any year), you may find it difficult to keep in touch with your besties. You might be going on some super relaxing vacays or traveling the world, but no matter where you are when you’re away from your friends it can be tricky to stay in touch. So while you’re off floating, make sure your friendships are too. Here are some ideas to make keeping in touch fun and easy!


Sisterhood of the Traveling Journal

Pick out a super cool or super corny (mine has Zac Efron on it) journal when you are with your friends. Write the first entry together then decide who takes it first! Take the journal to wherever you go and write letters, journal entries, etc., to your besties. Send it to the next friend in line and keep the pattern going! By the end of summer, you’ll have a fun keepsake to look back on with your friends!


This may seem obvious, but it could be overlooked! If you know you are going to have Internet access wherever you are, create a Facebook thread and include all of your pals. You can post updates, funny videos or anything you want. This is just like the traveling journal but in a speedy web version!

 Go Tumblr’n

I know all of you have seen those #whatshouldwecallme Tumblr posts. If not, then go check it out! I know you and your best buds have tons of inside jokes, so recreate the genius idea of the #whatshouldwecallme blog as a way to keep in touch, and remind your besties of all the good times you’ve had!


Now, this one may sound strange. You might think “you shouldn’t need to remind yourself to call your friends…” But trust me, if you have a super busy summer planned out with camps, jobs or summer school, you will. It’s SO easy to get wrapped up with what’s in front of you that you forget about what’s at home. So pick a date of every month (keep it consistent) to set a “reminder” or “appointment” in your calendar to call your friends.


These are just a few ideas, but don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to keeping in touch! Traveling and staying busy is good, but don’t forget about what is important!