As the final days before graduation loom before us and the end appears closer than we ever imagined, I wanted to take the time to establish my list of  “Goals Upon Graduation” . While I find new things to add to this list every day, here are the goals that hold a place at the top of my list.

1. Make a lasting impression.

As vague as this first goal seems, I believe it is one of the most important on my list. Whether you know it or not, you have a HUGE influence on your school and classmates. Instead of succumbing to that ever present senioritis, why not take the last few weeks of your senior year to make a lasting impression on your teachers, classmates, and underclassmen? A question I always ask myself is “What will they say about you when you are gone?”. With this in mind, treat the little time you have left in high school as a chance to leave a legacy that you can be proud of.

2. Don’t forget college!

In the excitement of graduation, parties, and senior award ceremonies, we often forget that college is only a few months away! While you should enjoy the festivities of the present, don’t forget that commitment deposits must be sent in, housing applications must be filled out, and roommates must be requested. The list goes on and on! So along with your list of “to dos” involving graduation, make sure to note that college is just around the corner and things must be taken care of.

3. To go through recruitment or not to go through recruitment?

With college nearing in the fall, it is time to consider whether being in a sorority is right for you. Take some time and sit down and really think about what your priorities are for your first semester in college. In the fall, I will be attending the University of Georgia. It’s safe to say UGA is huge and for me the idea of being in a sorority means a closer knit group of friends who will truly make such a giant campus feel more like home. If you also feel this way, it’s time to start registering for rush, getting advice from girls who have been through it all, and securing those recommendation letters each sorority requires. While the task seems daunting, getting a head start on the process can really help.

4. Thank those who mean most.

Take time to stop and thank all of those special people in your life who have helped you grow into the person you are today, whether it be your parents, a teacher, your principle, or a mentor. In the midst of chaos, we often forget to tell those who mean the most to us that they do mean the most to us. Write a card, shoot an email, make a phone call, or whatever way you see fit. I have gone to the same school for fifteen years, so I have many people to thank for making an impression on my life that will last forever.

5. Hold on to the past while still embracing the future!

If you are like me, you have a close group of friends that have been in your life for years. We often hear the phrase “Don’t hold onto the past”, but does that mean we should throw off the ties of friendship that got us through those hard middle and high school years? I think a person can find a perfect balance between remaining close with your friends from high school and embracing the new relationships you will establish at college. You and your friends will be spread out all across the country but with the technology we have today through Facebook and texting, it is almost like we will have a piece of our friends with us at all times. Plan a visit to see one of your friends for lunch or spend a weekend in their dorm room. The possibilities are endless. Personally, I cannot wait to see what new relationships will present themselves to me at college. My roommate and I have already become good friends, and I’m beginning to establish relationships with girls who are going to the same school as me next year. Take a leap of faith and really put yourself out there. College is said to be the place where you will establish lifelong friendships!

In conclusion, go out and make your own list of “Goals Upon Graduation”! Make a lasting impression, prepare for college, consider your options, thank your loved ones, and cherish your friends while also cherishing the future. The possibilities are endless for the Class of 2012 and before us lies opportunities we could have never imagined. All we need to do is take them!