Even if you’re going to a school thirty minutes from where you grew up, starting college can be scary. And the biggest thing people worry about is if they will make friends. Try and remember some of these tips and you’ll be sure to find a group that you fit in with!

1. Don’t Wait. The first two weeks of school are filled with events designed to help new students get to know each other. The beginning of the semester is when everyone is a little bit nervous about not knowing anyone, if you wait too long most other students will have found a group.

2. Get Involved. Join clubs. Join clubs. Join clubs. I can’t stress that enough. Being a part of extracurricular activities is the best way to meet people! Most schools have tons of groups to join ranging from student government to knitting clubs. Find something you enjoy doing, or try something new. Check your schools website for information about different clubs. 

3. Dont be Shy. When you’re in class, try to talk to the person next to you instead of looking at your phone while you wait for the professor. Everyone was as nervous as you are when they first started college. Just speak up!

4. On Campus Living. Living in the dorms is such a great way to meet people. When you first move in you at least get to know one person right away, your roommate. Most dorms have lounges, study rooms and kitchens in the building. The great thing about dorms is everyone has at least something in common to bond over. In my dorm we used to have weekly Jersey Shore watch parties in our lounge, and that’s how I met most of my friends.

5. Branch Out. Take  a break from your old friends. Don’t lose them completely, but try to make more friends. Don’t get into the mindset of “I already know people, so I don’t need to meet anymore.” College is the best time to meet people, so make sure you don’t miss out!


The most important thing is to just try. Just by getting out of your room you’re bound to meet people. Try new things and don’t be afraid.