By July, I’ll have moved a whopping five times within this past year. Which is ironic, because I truly despise moving. I can never do it the right way and it is always such a hassle. But this time around, I am going to master the art of moving. Because I am so determined to become a champion mover, I looked up some tips to help me out, I think you’ll find them helpful too.


1)    ADDRESS CHANGE. It is one of the most important parts of moving. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to do this. I think some people at Kennedy Hall 405 are still getting letters from my grandma. All you have to do is send a little card or shoot a quick email to all your loved ones letting you know where your new digs are located. So simple, but often overlooked.

2)    There are most likely the same stores or similar stores wherever you are moving. Don’t feel the need to buy everything you need and want for your new place BEFORE you get there. Also, some stores, like Bed Bath and Beyond, allow you to buy online and then pick up your things at the store nearest you!

3)    Make a list of the things you need to pack and check them off as you go. You can then use the same list as you unpack to make sure nothing was forgotten!

4)    CALENDAR-IZE. It’s like prioritizing. Pick out days and designate them to packing certain things. Prioritize it so that you pack up the things you need the least, first. That way you’re not going without your toothbrush or spoons for an entire week. This leads me to the next bit…

5)    Start packing EARLY! Why wait and get all panicky and stressed?

6)    Don’t break the bank by buying boxes (#alliteration.) Hit up your local appliance and department stores and ask for any boxes they can spare! That way you can save some moolah for any beverages you will need after your hard day of packing!

7)    LABEL the boxes. If you’re moving into an apartment or home, use color label “dots” on you boxes. Each room gets a different color sticker! If you’re moving into a dorm, you can do the same thing but just for the different spaces of your room, like bed, desk and bathroom. If you are going to use the colored dots, make sure you write down what each color means!

8)    Pack everything that you will need immediately after the move into “Open Me First” boxes. That way, if you feel like putting off the majority of your unpacking, you can!

9)    Don’t be afraid to PURGE! If you are thinking about having a completely different design scheme in your new place, then make a box of things to give away. Have your friends go through it first and then take the rest to Goodwill!

10)  If you aren’t going for a new design scheme, take a picture of your old room(s) so you can put everything back up just the way you like it!

11)  CLEAN your new place before you start moving in. Vacuum, sweep, swiffer, bleach. Do whatever you need to make sure your place is sparkling. It will feel so fresh!

12)  You don’t need a professional mover, ask your big, strong, man friends for some help. If you throw in a consumable reward, they will be more likely to say yes. Men will do anything for food.


If you need more advice, get on the fancy internet and do some research. There are plenty of great resources out there for you to use. There are even downloadable packing lists! The most helpful sites that I found were and Some great advice!!


I hope this helps you out! Now, I am going to utilize tip number 5!