You have seen sorority life as it is portrayed in the movies with Elle Woods, and you have also seen photos of parties that seem too good to be true, but are these extremely exaggerated and false misinterpretations going to formulate your judgements about Greek life?  Greek life is a bonded community full of service, scholarship, and leadership.  Though Greek life is not for everyone, the following tenants of Greek life are quality reasons to ignore the stereotypes and consider going Greek this Fall.

Community: As an only child, my sorority has opened my life to a sisterhood full of friendships that cannot be replaced. Along with the growing relationships with members of your sorority, you will have friendships with the entire Greek community. At larger universities, it is definitely harder to keep in contact with students, and the Greek community is a great way to form friendships that you may have never had access to. 

Service: In high school, most students are involved with many different service organizations and have the time and opportunity to be president of 10 different clubs.  However, college is an entirely different world and students tend to lose focus on community service because of the academic rigor and hundreds of new opportunities. By joining a sorority, you will participate in philanthropy events for your sorority’s designated charity, and even will engage in extra service around your area. Greek life is a really great way to stay involved with service throughout your time at college.

Leadership: Whether you are the president or an active member, being apart of your sorority will teach you leadership and communication skills for success in the corporate world.  Organizing events and even recruitment will give you experience for management.  Finally, it is not an easy task to have 100 hundred girls agree on something, so you will also learn beneficial cooperation skills that are very necessary to any leader in life.

Scholarship: Greek life has programs dedicated to academic success for every single fraternity and sorority member. If you are struggling in any subject, there are Greek tutor programs available to help you succeed and get the help you need.  

Networking: Along with the benefits of friendships and leadership skills you may have never ascertained, sorority life forms an extensive network around the world. This advantage can you help you form connections with possible employers and even future job offers.  Also, it is really nice to spot a sister whether you are at a supermarket or on vacation.

Social Life: Sometimes when studies and the environment in your dorm gets tense, going to the sorority house and hanging out with your sisters helps keep you sane. Though we are at college to academically succeed, it is not healthy to spend every night trapped away in the library alone.  Finally, learning how to balance your social life with academics is a great skill to develop as you get older and have more responsibilities in life.

Although you may feel that Greek life is the last community you would ever want to be apart of, make sure to at least consider joining a sorority.  Most colleges have “Meet the Greeks” events before recruitment even begins, so you can attend to get a better understanding of the different sororities on campus. Finally, do not blow off the opportunity to go Greek because of the media’s production of poor stereotypes to the typical sorority girl.