Happy July! It’s hard to believe that we are halfway done with 2012. Six months ago, we made our new years resolutions. Have you kept yours? If you have – congratulations! If you haven’t – I know how you feel. In my new year’s blog post, I vowed to stop sweating the small stuff and to be completely honest, I don’t know how well that really worked out for me. But now that it’s July, I have decided that it is only fair to give myself another chance to make the best out of what is left of 2012.

Instead of choosing another broad resolution that is difficult to measure, I decided to come up with various things or activities I can try to do to make myself happier these next six months…or at least this summer! My ideas so far:

1. Compliment at least one friend every day (and be honest about it)

2. Make a greater attempt to wear “real clothes” (aka not T-shirts and running shorts) at least 4 days a week

3. Get back into my daily walking routine – be it hiking with friends or around the block

4. Stop waiting for things to pile up before you put them away to avoid clutter (and stress)

5. Reconnect with my grandparents via email or phone at least once or twice a month

6. Clean out my closet BEFORE going shopping so I know what I’m looking for (and don’t forget to donate!)

7. Avoid morning crankiness by waking up to a song I can’t help but sing (and dance) along to

As you can see, my #summerresolutions all aim to make me happier and healthier and all seem relatively simple! It’s never too late to draft new goals for yourself, or to turn a “so-so” year into a great one. So to all of you starting fresh this July – Happy New Year! And to everyone successfully achieving their January resolutions – keep up the good work!