Fall semester is already here; I can not believe how fast this summer flew by! It means seeing friends from back on campus again- but it also means saying goodbye to family and friends back at home. The transition can be hard, especially if you are starting your freshman year and haven’t done it before But, it’ll be okay, and with these few tips you will go through the experience like a pro!

Keep In Touch: You and your friends are probably going in every different direction, but this does not mean your friendship has to get lost in the balance. Make an effort to keep in touch, and you will never even skip a beat. It can be a weekly Skype date, writing letters sharing your experiences, sending fun pictures from your new life or making care packages geared especially towards your school! Keeping contact with one another will prevent fall outs, and can be great conversation starters when you all get back for Thanksgiving break.

Don’t Forget Where You Came From: Your family is easily your biggest fans, so it is important not to forget them once you move out. They will be there to share the good times, your first experiences, the triumphs and glories, and they will be there to pick up the pieces when you get hurt, earn a poor grade, make a mistake or are just having an overall bad day. Many people think they don’t need to call or write, but I completely disagree! I easily spoke with my parents once a day, or at least communicated through a text or voicemail- oh and don’t forget the siblings (they appreciate the occasional hello or text also)!

Put Up Things That Make You Smile: Add pictures, quotes and memories around your dorm room or apartment that will make you smile on even the worst days. At first, you might be homesick- these small pieces of home can mean much more than you will imagine. It will also be little reminders of who is behind you, and that you are not alone on this new journey. Remember, it does not have to be sentimental to anyone else, nor do you even have to explain yourself to others- if it makes you happy keep it!