Exhaustion. Starvation. Stress. Anger. Sadness.  All of these are feelings that can be associated with the process of sorority recruitment. Before recruitment even begins, freshmen girls spend their winter breaks shopping for the perfect “business casual,” “business formal” and “formal” outfits that they hope will wow the sorority they are hoping to get in to. Lets be honest, I was one of those freshmen girls. I honestly was terrified for recruitment and super conscious about the impression I was going to make on my future “sisters”. I was so nervous about choosing the right sorority and about making it through the tedious two-week recruitment process that I did not even think about some of the stresses that I would face once I joined a sorority.

I am the type of girl who worships her friends and despises change. I came back from winter break looking forward to getting back into the first semester swing of things, and most importantly spending the same, nauseating amount of time with my friends. However, throughout recruitment my time with my friends was limited, and it turned out that many of my closest friends did not join the same sorority that I did. At first I had some trouble accepting this fact. While I was so thrilled to join my sorority and be with my friends who joined the same sorority that I did, let alone make a ton of new of friends, I found myself feeling sad that some of my friends did not join the sorority that I did, and quite honestly, I felt a little bit of resentment towards them. It took me a few days until I realized that I needed to get over myself. Each sorority is different, just like each of my friends is different. Each of my friends belongs in the sorority that they joined, and who was I to be angry about that. I love each of my friends so much that I took their decision to join a different sorority than me as a personal insult. I needed to get over myself. The whole point of joining a sorority is to make new friends and partake in new experiences. I am honestly so happy about the sorority that I joined and I have already made so many new friends who I love and want to get to know better. Joining a sorority is a personal choice and another girl’s decision is by no means a reflection of yours.