You are the one person who truly knows who you are, inside and out. However, have you ever wondered what others may portray you as? It is relatively relevant when you attend a new school especially university. This is your time to shine, to reinvent yourself and overall be someone better. This leads to the topic of making friends and being open to change. College is the place to do this!

You are entering a whole other realm, and stepping out of your box will allow you to have some amazing years. Making friends is one of the most daunting but rewarding experiences at college, as well as in life. Branching out of your normal circle of friends and introducing yourself to new people is key. Remember that everyone is just as nervous as you are, especially in the first year. You’re all in a new place, with new people and doing new things. People will be grateful for some social interaction as they are in the same boat.

There’s nothing like walking up to someone and simply saying ‘hi’ or complementing them on their outfit. This could be the start to a new friendship. If you’re into sports, a good homecoming football game can help build camaraderie; however, if football isn’t your thing, asking people about events happening on campus is a useful conversation starter. Another great approach to meeting new and interesting people is to join a sorority. Joining a sisterhood can lead to lifelong friendships and may also provide a home away from home with a group of supportive women who will cheer you on and be there for you every step of the way. It is also an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in school life and be a leader. This may not be for everyone, but know that as a freshman you will be going to orientations, frosh week, classes, the list goes on! 

So don’t give up! Generally, there are so many ways to meet people that the possibilities are endless. You simply need to be open and willing to go the extra mile. The first year is a major change for some as transition can be hard to adjust to especially when home is a few hours away. College can be a scary place whether you attend a small private school or a large university. Making friends in such an environment can be overwhelming, but remember to keep calm and do not stress. With little effort, you’ll be hanging with people you never dreamed you could meet, simply by introducing yourself.