Time management is a skill to perfect when entering college. There is always so much to do but so little time.

One of the Top 10 questions that incoming freshmen ask is, “How do you balance your school work and your social life?” My answer to that would be, school work should always come first. Do all of your school work first, because there is always a party going on. And when there is a big event coming up, work hard prior to it so it can be as if you are rewarding yourself for accomplishing a lot of work. Never put a party before your school work.

The best thing to help with time management is to be organized. Investing in a planner is something that all students should do to keep organized. When you write out a schedule, you can see your time visually with your activities and really get a feel for the time you have along with everything you want/need to accomplish. You can glance into the future as well as focus in on the present.  

And remember, you don’t have to be with your friends all of the time if you can’t fit them in your schedule. You’ll just have to be content with catching up with them another time! Beware that you may think you have a little time to spare, but a few minutes can turn into a few hours when you’re with your friends! 

Be ready for tomorrow today!