I’m about 70% Irish, 15% German, 10% English and 5% Scottish…give or take a little. However, I am 100% Greek.  As in, my father is a Kappa Sigma and my mother is a Kappa Alpha Theta. I feel like I was practically bred to be a part of Greek life, but that all changed when I chose to go to a University where Greek life wasn’t so huge. For as long as I can remember, I, as well as my mother, had been planning on me being a Theta at the University of Georgia. Just like her. However, my interests changed and I decided to go to a smaller, more focused school. I signed up for rush twice, but never went through with it because the sororities that existed at my school just didn’t feel right for me. They were, and still are, perfectly wonderful sororities who offer so much to our campus and community, but they just weren’t for me. All that changed when none other than Kappa Alpha Theta started a chapter at my campus. Of course, my mother was beyond excited however I kept an open mind. I didn’t want to join the sorority just because I was a legacy. Yet as I went through their recruitment, I figured out how perfect Theta is for me. It fits me like a glove. I couldn’t ask or dream for anything better than what I have. So how do you get that? What do you look for when you go through recruitment? After all, you don’t want to just “join” a sorority for the sake of it. You want to be that sorority, on the inside and outside.


Here are some tips and ideas of what to look for in you dream sorority:

  Do your research. It helps to know what you’re getting into before you sign up for it. Find out how your school does recruitment and familiarize yourself with it, so you don’t seem so lost when you jump in!

Keep an open mind. Don’t have your heart absolutely set on one sorority or the other. Although you may be a legacy at one sorority, it may not be the right one for you! Your Mom will understand…

  Find people you enjoy. You don’t want to be stuck with sisters you can’t be friends with…

Find like-minded people. It’s easier to connect with girls who think like you!

    Find a sorority that shares your values. Don’t join a sorority that believes in ying, if you believe in yang…

   Do you like their atmosphere? Or does it make your skin crawl? Intuition is a great thing to rely on when choosing a sorority. Don’t try and talk yourself into being in a certain sorority. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it.

      Time and Money – can you commit to the time and financial requirements of the sorority?

   Once you join a sorority, they are your sisters for life. If it feels like it might be fun for one year only…keep looking.

     Reputation precedes you. If you’re not okay with being part of a known reputation, don’t brand yourself with their letters. Look for a sorority that you will be proud to be associated with.

    If you see it as a “project” or “challenge,” don’t take it. You should be happy with how the sorority is run and what it has to offer. If see it as a project that you could make better, you might end up being miserable.

     It’s always fun to have your mom be your sister, but make sure you are making yourself happy with the sorority you choose. Not just your mom.

     Don’t consider a sorority JUST because your friends like it. You’ll still be friends with them, and you’ll find even more by finding your perfect sorority.


Last But Not Least:

If you ever feel UNSAFE or like the sorority would put you in a situation that you’d be uncomfortable with…KEEP MOVING!


Copy, paste and print off this little checklist to complete after each night of recruitment! It might help you decide!


Recruitment Checklist:

  • I did my research
  • My mind is open
  • I like these girls!
  • These girls think like me!
  • The sorority values the same things I do
  • I feel good about the sorority’s atmosphere. No heebie jeebies, here!
  • I can make the time commitments
  • I can afford the sorority
  • I see myself being friends with these girls for life
  • I like their reputation. I’d be proud to wear their letters!
  • I’m happy with the way the sorority operates. It’s not a project…
  • I like this sorority for MYSELF. Not because of Mom, not because of friends.
  • I feel safe with these girls! I can trust them and their intentions.


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