Summer is the perfect time to find a job or internship and brush up on some knowledge that will help you toward your future career path! There are a variety of internships out there, but the tricky part is researching to find them and then sweeping up the perfect match! It’s extremely important to take advantage of your summers by starting early and gaining experience for the real world. Previous experience that you have when you apply for a future job will help you and will enable you to stand out in a large pile of job applications. Here are two key websites where you can begin to search for excellent internships as well as some tips for obtaining the internship once you find it!

Where to start your internship search:


Laura Berger is the CEO of Internship Queen. She works with over 1,000 employers connecting them to fabulous, determined high school and college interns. America Online says, “If you are going to college and wondering what you are going to do this summer – you need to look her up.” This site is a great source in not only finding internship opportunities but also for tips regarding applying, interviewing, resume building and more! Check out her Internship Listings, blog or even daily tips by following her on Twitter at @internqueen


This site helps you find the perfect internship by sorting though multiple categories. Find opportunities based on your major, interests and location. It offers many places to apply to as well as tips and videos on anything from where to start to how not to get fired.

3) Use your networking skills- Look for connections wherever you can! Family, professors, friends, camp counselors and previous employers are all great places to start. Whether you are staying in your home town or interning and staying somewhere new, try to find connections- they are always extremely helpful when trying to put your foot in the door. 

Some extra tips to always keep in mind:

- Apply, apply, apply- Maximize your options by applying to multiple internships! Although you may only have your heart set on one, apply to many to make sure you have multiple backup options available. Not only is it becoming harder to find opportunities in today’s job market, but also it is becoming tougher to find internship opportunities.

- Keep organized- Keep track of all applications, company manager’s names, dates of contact, cover letters, etc. Keep a file on your computer of each internship you apply to and when you applied so you stay organized and know who you’ve talked to and when to follow up.

- Follow up- Not only is it important to follow up with a company to make sure your application was received but also to follow up after an interview. Often, companies are overwhelmed with applications and interviews on top of their usual work load, therefore they can easily overlook your application. This is your responsibility to be a personal advocate for yourself, and politely follow up with them to see if they have reviewed your materials. 

- Be determined- It can be a tiring process building your resume, creating individual cover letters, sending applications and then scheduling interviews, but you have to remember that hard work pays off. If you stay determined you will find success.

- Stay positive- This is an important tip for anything you do in life: Always stay positive. There is always something out there that you can achieve if you put your heart to it. Those with a positive outlook, who look at life with a glass half full attitude rather than half empty, are those headed for a positive future.

Good luck to everyone…the experiences you get will surely pay off!