I know some of us are used to our moms cleaning up after our every move at home, but it’s easy to stay clean at school too! My motto is: small room means small mess! When you live in a cramped dorm room, there’s less room to make a mess! After living in three different rooms myself, I figured out the way to stay clean is to stay organized. There are three main areas that create mess in the room, dust and dirt, clothes and shoes, and food.

1. Keep your dust and dirt under control with disinfecting wipes and a small duster! These two items are the only things you need to clean up any spill or mess. Plus, incase the room isn’t that big, there’s no need for a large expensive bulky vacuum cleaner. My roommate and I have gotten into the habit of constantly wiping down surfaces, mirrors and windows with disinfecting wipes a couple times a week to keep the room fresh. The small duster can pick up anything on the rug too!


2. I know keeping shoes and clothes off the floor and folded or hung neatly can often seem impossible, but there easy ways to keep your room looking neat! For shoes, check out Dormify’s storage page and find some different shoe organizers that will fit in any dorm. The 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer or the Under the Bed shoebox are both great! If you don’t have a lot of space under your bed, try bed risers too! Sometimes the reason clothes end up all over the room is because they’re dirty! Look for a laundry basket as opposed to a laundry bag. This will make it easier to hide it under the desk or in the closet and easier to throw clothes in.

3. Finally Dormify has tons of storage boxes that can hold food neatly and keep tucked away! Use chip clips and zip lock bags to keep food from getting crumby and messy too.