If you are scatter-brained, your room and all the clothes scattered across the floor shows it. I know personally that when school gets busy, cleaning your room comes as a second priority to study studying for exams. I have learned that if you do not want to clean your room daily, you must invest just once in organization supplies. The key to minimal cleaning efforts is maximum storage.

You do not have to put your clothes away in your closet in color order, or label every drawer because there is a large chance you will not keep up with those rituals. Instead, get storage boxes and hooks so that you have a place to put everything. It would be nice if you had a designated place for everything– like a box just for chords and chargers or a box for cleaning supplies– but if not, it is still nice to have something you can throw everything into for quick clean up. 

Here is a list of some storage items and tips to ensure the ease of keeping clean. 

Two Laundry Bags

I recommend two laundry bags for the cleanly-challenged, like myself. One bag is to collect the dirty clothes carpeting your floor. The second is to hold clean clothes you probably have not “had a chance” to put away yet. One tip to motivate you to put the clothes away faster is to fold them when you take them out of the dryer before you put them in your laundry bag. Luckily these laundry bags from the MacBeth collection have cute prints so they contain your messiness in style. 

Bed Risers

Bed risers are great to get your bed high off the ground, not just so your can feel like a Queen in your thrown, but so you have more room for stroage. These fun animal print bed risers from the MacBeth collection are a great option. 

Shoe Box

The shoe box is great because you just throw it under you bed. Instead of having your going out heels laying on the floor during the week, store them under you bed and keep them there until you need them. 

Under the Bed Storage Bags and Boxes



In these storage bags and boxes you can keep your extra sheets and towels under your bed, and other mess that collects on your floor.  Make even more closet space by putting winter sweaters in there when the weather gets warmer. 

Command Hooks

Command hooks are great to put on the inside of your closet to hang scarves, purses, and jewelry. The best part is how easily you can hang virtually anything off of them, anywhere. 

Hanging Shelf Organizer

Hang this shelf organizer in your closet instantly gives more shelves for you priority items, favorite sweaters, hats, or maybe even magazines and lighter-weight school books. These hanging shelves at eye-level eliminates having to dig through and empty out drawers having to look for one item. 

These various forms of storage cannot force you to put your belongings where they belong, and from personal experience I am sure that not even your nagging mother could do that. However, they give you very easy and quick places to stash your trash or lump your junk.