I know we can all agree that one thing everybody hates is getting sick – especially while away at school. Its the worst feeling when you wake up one morning feeling under the weather and don’t have your mom there to take care of you. Whenever you live with other people, you’re chances of getting sick are unfortunately increased because of the close proximity you are all in. Over my past few years, I’ve acquired a few tactics to beat these germs (or at least try to).

Tip #1: Change your sheets. Of course doing laundry and making your bed is one of the more annoying things we all must do, but trust me – it is necessary and seriously so helpful. Changing your sheets and pillowcases weekly will help to reduce the amount of dust and dirt hanging around in your bed.

Tip #2: PURELL. Literally, do not leave home without it (yes, I have the really cool Purell bottle that attaches to my keys). I basically use hand sanitizer so much that my hands are probably immune to it and it doesn’t kill germs anymore, but whatever. 

Tip#3: Emergen-C. If you are not familiar with Emergen-C, please ask me (or one of my friends) about it because I have forced everyone to drink this religiously. It is a flavored powder that you put in water that works to boost your immune system. During sorority recruitment, this is my secret weapon. I start adding Emergen-C to my water weeks before recruitment to help strengthen my immune system in anticipation of all the germs from shaking hands with 1,000 PNMs. I would highly recommend investing in a box of Emergen-C ASAP!

Tip #4: Drink water. As always, water helps to regulate and flush germs out of your body. When you feel yourself coming down with a cold, it is so important to stay hydrated and drink much more water than you typically would. 

I know that most of these things are obvious, I just wanted to share the precautions that I have found most helpful. Hopefully I haven’t converted all of you into the germaphobe that I unfortunately am, just a suggestion to be a little more germ-conscious.