Aimlessly looking through my daily tweets, I saw a follower post something that they were selling. I checked out the post and saw a cute jacket they were selling and thought with the fall semester coming up that I might want to buy it. When I went to see about how to buy it, the site told me to download an app called Poshmark for iPhone. With the perks of having the latest iPod Touch which gives me access to any app in the iTunes Store, I went to download the app and check it out. After downloading the app, I became hooked.

Poshmark is an app that allows you to shop from other users and their closets. Old clothes, clothes that don’t fit, new clothes, and accessories- it’s all there! Poshmark is the eBay for Fashion. You can interact with the sellers through comments, asking questions about the item, requesting better photos of the item and bargaining. One concept that I caught onto quickly with Poshmark was bundling. When you “like” more than one item from a seller’s closet, they might ask if you want to bundle. The seller would offer you the items at a discounted rate altogether versus purchasing them separately. In the end, you come up with great gently used or new clothing for less.

Wandering through the “closets” of the apps many users can get tiring, but luckily Poshmarkanticipated this. They have created the concept of “Posh Parties”. Each party has different themes or different brands that they focus on for users to submit to sell to or look for. It makes it easier to find what you want in real time or find something that you didn’t even know you wanted! It’s basically thrifting but with current trendy clothes and $7 flat shipping.

All in all, I am a very happy user of this app and felt the need to tell others about the money saving opportunity they are missing out on for back to school shopping.


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