So its been one of those days. Let’s be honest- you got out on the wrong side of the bed and you’ve been cranky and irritable ever since. It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.  With the help of some alluring alliteration, here are my favorite ways to ban the #BadDayBlues.


1. Positive Playlist – If these songs can’t get you smiling, I’m not sure what could. 

2. Scrumptious Snacking – As much as we all love to overdo it in the #snackzone when we are feeling down, try one of these delicious AND healthy treats from here instead.

3. Jolly Jokes – Laughter is the best medicine. Bring back the good ole “knock knock” days and #getgiggling.

4. Exuberant Exercise – Blow off some steam. Go on a hike, head to zumba, walk your dog. Whatever gets you up and moving around. 

5. Fruitful Friends – During the highs and lows of your life, there are going to be times where you either need a #FruitfulFriend or need to be one. So the next time one of your friends is having a rough day, 

  • leave them an uplifting post-it note on their car/door/etc (one of my favorites)
  • give them a hug #forrealthough
  • shoot them a text telling them how much you love and appreciate them 
  • make plans or hang out 
  • if they’re at school, send them one of dormify’s super cute new care packages


6. Peaceful Primping – It may not be #ManicureMonday but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your nail color or try out a new look. There’s just something therapeutic about painting your nails, brushing your hair, and doing whatever makes you feel good about yourself. 

7. Tasteful Television – Watch some Boy Meets World (on weekday afternoons on MTV2 in case you were wondering) or whatever guilty pleasure show you want (for the sake of my alliteration I will also recommend Gilmore Girls). #Cory&TopangaForever

When all else fails, get some sleep and try to wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed next time. Before you know it, you’ll be totally #overit and on to tomorrow.