With all the things you have to pay for in college, getting something for free is always nice! The summer is one of the best times to pick up a few freebies whether you’re a current student or a freshmen at orientation. Apartments, school clubs and local businesses tend to visit campus more when orientation groups are around. Last summer when I was first arriving at my orientation, there were tons of free items.

The most common things that you can pick up are pens, koozies and sunglasses. In college you can never have too many pens. Everyday in class it seems like someone will have forgotten theirs or yours has run out of ink, so it’s nice to have a few extras laying around. Koozies are a college staple, since they keep your drink cold and your hand from freezing! Having a cheap pair of sunglasses that you don’t have to worry about losing is great, especially if you have roommates! I think my favorite thing I got for free at orientation was a shirt that said, “Of course this shirt was free. I’m a college student.”


Another great thing about picking up these freebies is that it is an automatic conversation starter. Go over to a table where they are giving out the free stuff and talk to the people there. Ask if they have any jobs open if its a business, or see what the apartments are like in your area. Every college campus has tons of clubs, so it’s likely that you’ll find one that you really enjoy. If not, you still get to talk to students that have been apart of the school already.

Throughout the year, schools are always doing things for students and having giveaways. Before big events; football games, homecoming and concerts, there is almost always booths outside just waiting to give things away. Show up 10 minutes early, and you’ll be surprised on what you can get! My school has a great tradition of $1 midnight breakfasts in our union. Now I know this isn’t free, but who doesn’t love pancakes in the middle of the night! Check your school’s website for more deals.