One of the most exciting things about moving into your dorm room is meeting your roommate. You’ve waited all summer to meet the girl you will be living with over the semester, and imagined everything possible about her. However, outside of your 4 walls there are more people you should be anxious to meet as well, your hall mates!

It’s key to get to know your hall mates, especially if you will be living in a traditional style dorm… you know the ones with the community bathrooms. When you get to know your hall mates you have an understanding and respect for how things should run on the floor (with the help of the RA of course!).¬†

When your roommate is not interested in what you want to do, at least one of your hall mates will share a common interest. You should never feel alone in your dorm if you have reached out to your hall mates. As you reach out to one another you’ll gain study buddies, workout partners, people who will let you borrow stuff when you’re in need and even ¬†life long friends.

So as you search for your roommate this summer on Facebook, try to find some hall mates as well. Start a Facebook group and get to know each other, and together you shall enjoy your first year in your new home!