When us girls are freed from a relationship, far too often we see it as being caught in the cage of singledom. The loss of one boy too easily chokes out the love of a million friends and while she may no longer be his girlfriend, she is most certainly still yours!

After the priceless gifts of a hug and the essential words “everything will be okay,” other quirky little gifts will help her to rediscover her smile.The first and most important gift is a new stuffed animal to replace the little bear “the ex” inevitably gave her to cuddle with however many romantic gestures ago. A new stuffed animal such as a Pillow Pet or Jelly Cat will be able to give your friend all the hugs she needs, and she can think of her loving friends all the while.  

Next, would be a cute card with an even cuter message. I personally recommend a “Congratulations” card to celebrate the newfound freedom, or even an ironic “Graduation” card to celebrate moving on from a chapter of a former life. Although, maybe if your friend is super sensitive, that may come off as a slap in the face. If that be the case then I recommend, a nice friendship card from Papyrus of Hallmark. Taylor Swift just came out with a line of enchanting cards that will leave your friends wonderstruck by the glitter and song when she opens the magical flaps of card stock. 

Another thoughtful gift would be one for you and your friend to share. Pick up some classic comedies off the $5 discount dvd rack, or even gift a flick on iTunes. I have no clue whatever happened to Chris Tucker, but his inspiring bro-mance with Jackie Chan in theRush Hour trilogy is a personal favorite. A nice comedy will help fight off the tears, because tears are as contagious as but less productive than the surefire smiles spurred by a humorous film.

Don’t forget a fresh bag of candy and pint of chocolate ice cream. Have a girls night in; huddle and cuddle around the big screen and enjoy your sugary treats. Sharing some laughs over a completely non-romantic comedy with the girls help expedite the process of patching up the pieces of a broken heart. 

Break-ups are hard, not just for the former couple, but for the friends who witness the tears shed as a result of the split. Being a good friend is the best gift of all. It takes more patience than money to help a friend recover from her loss. Little things make all the difference.  

Every time you walk by your friend’s dorm room, leave a cutesy message on her whiteboard or even a charming note sticky note. Keep reiterating that while the relationship is over, the beauties of life such as love and friendship continue to blossom with or without her knowing. Show your friend why life without him is worth living, but do not spoil her too much or else she will never want to move on!