College is full of new things. There are new people, new places and totally new experiences. No matter how you got your grub on at home, college dining is also a “new thing.” First, it’s always available. Second, conveniently NOT included in your meal plan is a mom yelling, “you’re going to spoil your supper!” Third, it’s EVERYWHERE. Many campuses have several dining halls and many, if not all, are buffet style. So it’s easy to get carried away. 

 So here are some tips to keep the Frosh 15, 20, 30+ far, far away from you.



As I am approaching graduation one of the biggest things that I am upset about is having to pay for a gym membership. Your student center will most likely have a fitness center as well as fitness classes. Schedule some regular gym time and stick to it. Your college career will fly by, so get in shape BEFORE you have to pay $45/month at the Y. 


Take your last bite. 

Sleep schedules usually fly out the window as soon as you step on campus. Which, FYI, is a factor that leads to weight gain. Studies say that as a young adult, you need the regular 8 hrs a night at least. If you do choose to swap your sleep time for midnight hang outs and escapades, then be smart and make a “last bite” time. Tell yourself you aren’t going to eat after a certain time (8 or 9 p.m.) and stick to it. Just drink lots of water to help you stay full. 


Choose the right snackage.

You will pull all-nighters, it’s inevitable. You will also feel a strange hunger feeling around 3 a.m. Resist the urge to grab your roomie’s greasy chips. Keep some yummy, filling and healthy snacks on hand during your late night study sessions. You will thank yourself later. 


My fav snacks are: 

Trader Joe’s Better’n’Peanut Butter: 2 Tbs = 100 calories as opposed to 200+ for other brands.




Kale Chips: Whole Foods has some that taste like nachos…

 Plain Popcorn: Buy a big bag of kernels and some brown paper bags. Measure out the serving size of kernels, poor them in the bag, fold the bag over then pop in the microwave!



Grease = Gross, not Good. 

Cafeteria foods can be super yummy. A lot of times the stuff that looks the best is covered in cheese and is really greasy and salty. All three things are not so great for you. Before you choose the unhealthy stuff, eat a small salad and then see what you feel like. If you still really want fries, then grab a few and throw some veggies on that plate as well. You don’t have to completely avoid the “good stuff,” just eat it in moderation. Also, stay away from the ice cream at breakfast. Even though it does go pretty well with cereal.

 Here’s the last, and probably most important tidbit:


 Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is not only bad for your general health but it will also put some pounds on you. Especially because it impairs your judgement, so you may not only kiss that guy at that one party and put a lampshade on your head, but you might also eat an entire large pizza. Try not to get sloshed at every party you go to. A) It’s not classy. B) It’s unhealthy. 


Also, alcohol makes you bloat. Your fingers, face, feet and belly will all seem puffier after a night out drinking. AND, do you want a beer gut at the beach on your first Spring Break?  Didn’t think so.


You can find helpful tips online and in books. I love Daphne Oz’s Dorm Room Diet!