Ever since I was little, I’ve always needed a lot of sleep, preferably 10 hours. I remember before going away to college, I highly doubted that I would ever get the full amount of sleep that I needed. Due to noise, library all-nighters and many other distractions associated with college, I never thought I would find a way to have a good night’s sleep. This especially worried be because I feel that in college, one of the most important ways to do well in school, is to get a lot of rest. If you’re like me, you can stop worrying because I have figured out a way to do it and I want to share it with all of you!

I swear by an eye-mask. An eye-mask is truly what does the trick. For some reason, every night when I put on my eye-mask before bed, it not only blocks out all light, but it also seems to block out everything else and allows me to be completely and fully relaxed. Any thoughts I’m stressing about, or even distant noise, for some reason when I put on my eye-mask, my body can fully relax and I always drift away to sleep within minutes.  It’s almost as if my body became trained to know that when my eye-mask is on, to shut down and go into sleep mode. Give it a try! (It seems Audrey figured this out as well, too!) Also, check out dormify’s college survival kit, which, you guessed it, contains an eye-mask and earplugs, too!

Another helper for a good night’s sleep that I live by is “Sleepytime Herbal Tea.” This tea tastes unbelievable with some honey, and they even make it for Keurigs!  


Sweet dreams, girls! 

 Images from top to bottom: Header-Pinterest.com, Audrey - dorkamzek.tumblr.com, Herbal Tea- shoffeeblog.com