If you’re a second semester senior like me, you’re probably trying to push the thought of graduation to the way back of your mind. College is one of the most exciting times of our lives, so why would anyone want to leave? I know I’m not the only one who is scared for whatever may come my way after graduation, but for this last semester of college, it’s important to make the best of it in every way possible.

1. Keep Working Hard

It may be your last semester of college, but try not to look at it as if it’s your first semester of college. In other words, don’t let all of the fun take you away from your school work. Remember why you decided to come to college in the first place and make an effort to finish your college career on a strong note!

2. Look to the Future

Yes, it is important to enjoy the moment you’re in, but being in your last semester, you may also want to start looking at jobs (or at least an internship of some sort). It’s a scary thought. A VERY scary thought. But this is why we came to college in the first place! It doesn’t mean you need to spend your last semester constantly searching for jobs, but it would be helpful to start looking and make connections (if you haven’t already).


Especially if you’re the type who is all work and no play, give yourself a break! Chances are you have been working so hard these past three and a half years and you deserve a little fun to finish off your college career. Of course, balance your school work and job search as best as you can, but set aside time for yourself and for your friends. College goes bye too quickly and you have to enjoy what you have while it lasts!