I have a couple of New Years Resolutions and one is to keep an organized closet. It’s tough living in such a small dorm room and the key to keeping away clutter is too be organized. I came back from Thanksgiving and Winter break with my suitcase overflowing with all my new clothes that I had accumulated from multiple shopping sprees and christmas gifts! I really knew I had an addiction to clothes when I came back and could hardly find room left in my closet! Though despite the small space in a dorm, there are some organizing tips you can follow and storage materials out there that can help you keep far away from clutter and the mayhem of an exploding closet! 

Here are some storage must-haves and some extra tips!

1. A double rod closet extender- It will give you two levels to hang clothes on! It is adjustable and perfectly hangs my shorter clothes such as my skirts and blazers! 

2. A vertical shoe holder- They don’t take up too much space and can hold one or two pairs of shoes in each cubbie. 

3. A over the door hanger- It’s a perfect space saver for purses and scarves!

4. To keep an organized cohesive look, use hangers that all match!

5. As for miscellaneous shoes such as running shoes and slippers in a storage bin on the floor and my boots lined at the bottom because they’re so big.

The finished product: A fantastically clutter-free and organized closet!