The new semester has begun for me and I’m already seeing my eating habits changing.  There is much debate on average weight gain during college.  Is there a freshman 15?  Has it gone up over the years?  How many school wardrobes will I have to purchase this semester?  I have gone to 5 different colleges over the years (two community colleges, Marist College, Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, and now San Diego State.  I can honestly say I gained weight for every single one of them, and some more than others.  There are clearly individuals who get stressed and cannot even eat so they lose weight, but I am definitely a comfort eater.  So one day when I was watching The Biggest Loser and thinking about how hungry I was, I thought I should figure out a way to use that hunger to helping me beat this pattern.

While scouring the ‘net I found a workout game on Pinterest which did just that.  The premise of this is that you can take elements of the show that are reoccurring and associate them with a workout (i.e. when watching 30 Rock and Liz talks about food you do 15 sit ups).  They are similar to the items that would be found on drinking games but rather than taking in unnecessary calories you can flip it to lose them instead!  These are workouts that you can do even in small dorm rooms and can be a lot of fun for a few people to hold each other accountable every time something comes up.  I keep a list on my coffee table to keep me motivated and it helps deter me from having food there while I’m watching the shows.  Plus, it gets me off of the couch and exercising for the whole half hour or hour show.

Main point here: we all want to look fabulous and if we want to choose to exercise within the limits of our stylish dorms or apartments we have fun options to help us do so.