Like many girls, I have always been a little obsessed with makeup. I love to try new things, which results in quite the collection of eye shadows, lip stains, brushes and more. Half the time, I never even know what to do with all the beauty products I have. My love for makeup became a small issue when I went to college. Among other things, one of my biggest struggles when I first moved into a dorm room was finding a place for my little obsession. Trivial, I know, but the issue was real. I had originally bought a giant makeup storage box to hold all of my things but it was as equally inconvenient, given its size, as it was useful. There were three people in a two-person dorm room, so I couldn’t afford to have a giant metal box taking up any room.

I figured out that the trick to organization is being resourceful. I realized that the best thing to do was to utilize the makeup storage I already had. For me, that was a desk and a closet. The closet was full of clothes, so really my best shot at being organized was figuring out how to use my desk to its full potential. I figured that if I did it right, I could make my desk into an efficient workspace as well as a vanity, since there was no other space to do my makeup. I made a trip to Target and the Container Store and purchased some desk organizers to help me out.

Over the years, I have had to replace some of the organizers so I’ve had the chance to try out a few different ones. My favorites have been a desktop cup organizer with different “pockets” like this one from the Container Store. I use it for the basics, brushes, foundation and mascara. That way, If I’m having a simple day, I don’t even have to open my desk to get my makeup out! It’s all right there in my makeup cup! I also love an in-desk organizer, like this one also from the Container Store. I use mine for the fun stuff like eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipsticks and stains! If you can find one that’s expandable, it’s even better. That way, when you add to your collection, you will have plenty of room! There are so many options when it comes to makeup storage in dorm rooms. The trick is to utilize the space you have and to be resourceful. Its easy to stay organized with fun, cute tools like the ones you find at Target and the Container store.

Another good place to look for fun makeup organizers is a local craft store. That’s where I found this cool box disguised as a book. It’s where I keep all my nail polish! It’s an easy way to disguise things, you can just slip the box in between the rest of your books!


PS. You probably noticed that my desk is a little blah…it’s because I basically live in a hotel right now!! I’ll be back to living in a cute space in about a month! Can’t wait :)