College finally started, and for almost all of us, that means lots of work and play. Syllabus week has come to a close, so now the real buckling down begins- but what happens if you are already feeling behind? Well, I am here to share with you today the 3 tips on how to get the extra help,  boost that grade and keep that GPA high!

1. Talk With Your Professor: Starting off the material can be very challenging (trust me, I know!) and my biggest suggestion is to talk to and get to know your professor. It does not matter if you were lucky enough to be in a small class, or like me and started off in 400+ people lecture halls, the personal connection is half your battle. Go up and introduce yourself, let them put a face with a name. And, if you do have questions they teach the material (and will be the ones testing you on it) so they can definitely be of assistance. They usually hold weekly office hours, so check your syllabus. If they can’t assist you they can usually connect you with a tutor- which leads me to my next point.

2.Check About a Tutor: You school usually has to have some sort of tutoring or further assistance program for their students. Use them! A bonus is that they are usually covered with your tuition, so not an extra penny more out of your already deteriorating piggy banks. They can meet with you as a group, for drop-in questions, or one-on-one, whichever works best for you. They are also mostly students and peers, so it can be an easy connection and maybe even a new friend. It also is around your schedule, so you can still attend all your classes and get involved elsewhere around campus. Win, Win and Win!

3.Find a Study Buddy in Your Class: Talk with people around you (before class start, obviously) and introduce yourself. When it comes to projects, homework assignments and especially for test prep it is key to have someone or a group to work with. It can be to ask questions, put heads and ideas together or to go over the studyguide- the point of extra people in more mindpower. It will be beneficial- to everyone! How simple is that?

Okay ladies, it is your turn! Classes will be hard, but I know you can handle it. Follow my three top tips for success in the classroom (all of which I still use) and see the difference. College is meant for academics, but if you hit the books hard and correctly, you will get your time to play. Study, do your homework and try your best. You guys can do it, I believe in you! And as always, I’m here if you need the boost along the way. Good luck! :)