I, like so many other college students, have trouble sleeping. Whether it’s due to stress, diet, exercise or other random stimuli like TV or computers, a lot of us have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep. I’m no doctor or sleep study expert, but I have found a few ways to organize and decorate your room, along with certain habits, that can facilitate longer, better sleep. 

Number one thing to do? Get blackout shades. Maybe it’s just my personal experience, but light is one of the main reasons why I wake up before I have to. Ikea has some really good simple ones like these, but you don’t have to sacrifice style because you want no light. Find a sheer or semi-sheer curtain or fabric that you can put on top of the blackout one. It adds texture and can look really pretty. Even if you do have darker curtains, get a sleep mask like this one from Dormify, to bring with you no matter where you are sleeping! 

Also, follow some of these simple suggestions for maximum sleep: don’t go to bed hungry, turn off all electronic devices, read something before going to bed instead of watching something, and try not to drink caffeinated coffee, soda, or tea (chocolate, unfortunately, has caffeine in it too). 

These tips have really helped me get more sleep,  but if you have other methods, share them with me! I am always in the mood for better zzzzzzzzs!