For many college students, it’s that infamous time of the year: Time to move out (and on)! Whether you’re a freshman moving out of your first dorm room or a graduating senior packing up your beloved (or not…) apartment, it can be a pesky, hectic task. Here are a few tips to ease your frazzled mind…after all, finals are over – why add more stress?!

1. Boxes

-Boxes can be a pain to move and haul around. The key is to find out what boxes will work with what you have, and if you’re moving out by yourself, what you can carry!

-Don’t pay for moving supplies. Check Craigslist (or your local equivalent) first. People often give away their own packing supplies after they move. Also, the United States Postal Service sells boxes for free online! You can get them in a pack of 10 or 25, and they’ll ship them right to your door! How awesome is that? Click here to see their selection and to get some for yourself!

2. Start early

-This may go without saying, but heed my advice: packing is a process. You can’t start the night before (well, you can, but you’re not going to get any sleep!) without forgetting to pack something. Pack a duffel or a few boxes each day, and start to stack them or load them into your car. Seriously, it will make the whole thing easier. Also, make sure that you coordinate times with your Resident Advisor for checking out.

3. Consider storing!

-Storing your stuff is another great way to avoid packing up your life and taking it back home with you. Many local storage places offer college deals for specific units, or you can split the cost of a unit with a friend or two! Make sure that you call early as February/March to ensure availability. If that doesn’t work out, contact a close friend that lives nearby – even if you only leave a few boxes, it will certainly help decrease the rest of your load!

4. Meal plan leftovers

-If you have money left on your meal plan, spend it! Check with your on-campus food provider to get information about items available for bulk purchase. If none of the items thrill you, donate them to a local food bank.

Good luck! Do you have any packing/moving tips? Share them below!