It’s the beginning of the summer and many of you are fresh off the high school graduation stage. You’ve prepared yourself for college in many ways, I’m sure. You’ve most likely have found some info on your roommate, found out the best dorm to request and where to find the best grub in your college town. I bet some of you have even planned out how to decorate your dorm room already. (I’m sure you looked to Dormify for inspiration.) That being said, how’s your rush research going? Now, not all of you will make the choice to go through rush, and that is totally cool! The Greek scene isn’t for everyone. However, if you have decided to give your school’s Greek life a try, I recommend doing a little research in order to prepare for your school’s rush. You can never be over prepared.


1) Timing is Everything

When does your school do rush? Depending on your school, you could have fall or spring rush. Rush could also begin the week before school or after school starts. If you don’t find out when your school does rush, you might miss it!

2) Reppin’ It

Just like people, sororities garner reputations after time. Make sure you want your name and future associated with a certain sorority. That means researching what each sorority stands for!

3) Keep Calm and Pick Out Your Clothes 

Plan out your outfits. Make sure they are “meeting-the-in-laws” appropriate. Keep a sweater with you, keep the girls covered and make sure your skirt doesn’t ride up too easily. That doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a certain style, by all means show your individuality. Just save the skin-tight leather pants or sequined mini for your first party as a newly initiated member.

4) Polar Bear in Your Pocket

I’d try and stay away from corny, one liners (unless that’s your thing), but you may need something to break the ice.

5) Talk it Up 

Talking points are good to have in case your conversation with the President of your fav sorority comes to a sudden halt.  Remember, you don’t HAVE to use them. Also, it’s good to have some go-to “unique facts” about yourself. They’ll change you from “that one blonde girl” to “that one blonde girl who can fly a helicopter!”

6) Social Butterfly

Float around and meet as many existing members of the sororities as possible. Everyone has something different to say! If you meet 20 girls then it’s likely that more than one will remember you. But if you only meet one girl, your odds may not be “ever in your favor.”

7) Stay Strong 

Don’t change who you are just to fit in the sorority that wears your favorite colors. Rush is crazy, but if you want to find your perfect sorority make sure you show YOUR true colors.

8) Save the Party 

Rush week is not the time to “experiment” with any crazy college trends. If you want to get into your favorite sorority, keep your image clean during rush week. You have the next four years of your life to experience everything. Don’t risk losing your dream sorority because you drank the jungle juice.

9) Take Care

Rush week is tiring. Get good sleep and eat breakfast! Keep yourself energized and hydrated so you can be on your A game.

10) Have fun

Don’t fret. Although rush can be scary, it’s also really fun! So don’t get consumed by the idea that a certain sorority may, or may not, accept you. There are lots of games and events going on, so enjoy yourself! Safely, of course.


After rush is over and you’ve gone through pledging, check Dormify to see if their Greek line includes your new sorority! Also, if your not sure how to figure out which sorority is best for you, check out my other blog post: “Tips to finding your DREAM sorority”

P.S. Can you tell that I LOVE to make lists?