Black is clearly her favorite color. When she isn’t dreaming about her next trip to Paris, she is running around town in her black cigarette leg jeans, oversized sweater and beret. She loves the Black Keys and The Kooks and secretly wishes people would mistake her for Charlotte Ronson. She draws inspiration for her décor from the latest issue of Vogue Paris and tries to remember the French she learned in high school so she can at least understand the general idea of the articles (but lets face it, everyone just buys it for the images).

She loves a great Hermes scarf to add a little color to her wardrobe and prefers macaroons over cupcakes. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she often decorates her room for it, complete with black glitter candelabras and a metallic skull cookie jar. Her favorite trend this season is the cape and her favorite places to eat usually don’t have a name on the outside. Her favorite accessory is her vintage oversized rose gold watch her grandmother left her and her favorite perfume is Serge Lutens (she loves any scent).

She takes style cues from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and she watches the episode where Big comes to rescue Carrie in Paris at least twice a month. She dreams of being married in the Musee d’Orsey because her favorite place to people watch is at a train station. She loves Harry Potter and can’t wait for the next Twilight movie to come out. She is timeless. She is cultured. She is the Novel Noir Collection.