Winter break is over and school is finally back in session. YAY! I know I missed seeing all of my new college friends and spending time with them over winter break. While some of us just finished going through recruitment and girl flirting our way to the sorority of our choice, others decided to spend that time catching up with friends made last semester. Throughout recruitment and the following week after, I was busy meeting new people and shaking hands with everyone I met. I felt great meeting new people and starting new connections- I was energized for a new semester! 

But now all that touching and greeting has got me down. Literally. My head feels pressured, my nose is running, and nothing tastes quite right. For me, it’s the post-recruitment slump, but I know I’m not alone as I heard both girls and guys sniffing around me today during classes. 

The semester has just begun and I can’t let all symptoms rule my life, so I’ve come up with 5 things that will help anyone get back to feeling energized and healthy again.

1- Become like a fish and surround yourself with water

Drinking lots of fluids like water and gatorade will help flush whatever has got you down out of your system. Not everyone has bottled water wherever they go, but if you use a reusable water bottle like this pink one from Target or this cheetah print one from Walmart then you can be stylish and eco friendly while you sip your way to recovery!

2- Vitamins 

Vitamins are vital to helping yourself get better. Whether you can swallow big pills or prefer the gummy vitamins, finding the vitamin that’s right for you is important so your body can get the right nutrients and Vitamin C to help you stay healthy. 

3- Be selfish

I know that friends may want to take a sip of your drink or try some of your food, but this recovery period is not the time for it. Keep your drinks and food for yourself so that other people’s germs stay with them instead of spreading to you. Trust me, your friends won’t want to share if they know you’re feeling down.

4- Healthy Diet

When you’re feeling like a bum, reaching for the hassle free food choice can be the easiest choice, but stop yourself right there! Eating healthy as well as getting nutrients from fruits and vegetables is very important in helping your body recover. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out the junk, but try a salad before you reach for the dining hall pizza.

5- Catch some Zzz’s

Sleep makes the world of a difference when you’re body is fighting something off. While I know sleeping at college can sometimes be tough, try to make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep. 


Remember to listen to what your body wants – nutrients, hydration, and sleep!