One of the greatest things about spring break is that there are so many things to do. Yes, going to a  tropical island with your best friends for 10 days always promises a good time. But, if you’re looking for a more “low-key” week, there are tons of ways to relax, have fun and be productive while at home!

A great way to declutter your life and organize yourself before summer begins is by cleaning out your room at home. Now that we’ve had almost a full year (or possibly more) of college under our belts, it’s important to make that kind of transition to your room at home too. Though the task may seem daunting, spring break is the perfect opportunity to do some much-needed spring cleaning.

For some, it may be overwhelming to decide what should stay and what should be boxed up for good. Although everyone wants to keep that shiny trophy they won or adorable picture collage they made, most of the time these things aren’t as relevant in our lives as they used to be. A great way to sift through the high school memorabilia is by making three piles: store, keep and toss. Everything that can be thrown away should, and anything else that is worth saving for later on can be packed in a box and stored someplace safe and out of the way.

Another way to clear out your old stuff is by going through drawers, closets and shelves. The three-pile method can work here too but instead of throwing out any unwanted clothes or shoes, you should take these items to a local charity or consignment shop.

Once all of the cleaning and reorganizing is done, it’s time to redecorate! Just because your room may seem empty and dull now doesn’t mean it should stay that way for good. Decide what kinds of things define you now as a college student. Is it your sorority letters? A new genre of music you’ve gotten into? Or a totally new fashion style you’ve taken on?

Dormify offers great wall art, picture frames, posters and sorority gear. You can even use sites like Pinterest for a little inspiration. Whatever your likes may be, your room is the place to show them!


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