After weeks of preparation I am finally going on my study abroad. Let me tell you its fairly hard to pack for six weeks in just two bags and a purse without exceeding the weight limit, but with the help of my sorority sisters and my years of packing for vacations, I have picked up tips on how to pack without going overboard and here they are:

DO make sure to go through your clothes and pick out what you know you would wear.
DON’T pick out things that you might wear or barely ever where while you are
home. They will just take up extra space and most likely won’t be worn at all
throughout your stay.


DO pack comfortable shoes that are broken in. DON’T bring shoes that are
uncomfortable and are brand new. You don’t want to have blisters during your
short trip abroad just because of a pair of shoes. Also a quick note if you
don’t wear high heels in the States, why on earth would you wear them on the
cobblestones of Italy.


DO roll your clothing like you are rolling a sleeping bag; such things as
jeans, t-shirts and shorts work the best, but make sure it isn’t anything that
wrinkles. It is very unlikely that you will want to iron while on your trip. DON’T
place your clothing however you feel like it. Space in your suitcase is
valuable so don’t waste it.


DO weigh your luggage when you are finished. You don’t want to get the
airport and find out that you are over 50lbs and have to shove clothing in your
carry on.


DO look online at the customs of your country. While some countries don’t
have problems with what you wear, many do and you don’t want to look like a
tourist because your dress is too short.


DO pack a cross body bag. In many European countries there are high crime
rates, especially with tourist getting their wallets stolen. Having an cross
body bag makes it harder for them to do that, especially if you keep it in
front of you instead of on the side. DON’T wear or bring a backpack. It’s very
common that thieves pinpoint backpacks because you can’t see or feel what is
going on. So make sure to always have your possessions in front of you.


I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me. Don’t forget that while packing is frustrating, you are also going on a trip of
a lifetime so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself.