I’m fairly confident that you’re aware that you need bedding, pillows, and bowls and spoons, but these are the things you haven’t quite thought of yet. Unlike the thousands of “College Checklists” you’ve probably already seen, this is a list I’ve compiled of five things I learned that I needed through living on campus.

1. Clorox Cleaning Wipes.

My roommate’s mom actually bought her these but they ended up being my saving grace of cleaning. Spilled makeup, dust on the top of the microwave, and midnight-snack-nutella comes off with just a few quick swipes with one of these babies.


Okay, maybe you were smart enough to think of this one but I wasn’t. It took me getting sick and being in my dorm, alone, with a red nose due to dorm toilet paper to figure out that a box of tissues would be nice.

3. Water Bottles and ice trays.

I started the year buying cases of water because we didn’t have a sink in our room and the water fountain was down the hall. That got expensive and environmentally unfriendly very quickly. Just buy a reusable water bottle or two and some cheap plastic ice trays for an ice cold glass of water just waiting for you in your mini fridge. They even have water bottles with built in filters!

4. Tupperware.

You wouldn’t think you would need anything to put left overs in seeing as how you don’t have a kitchen and won’t be cooking. Wrong. Bring one of these to the cafeteria and you can fill it up with snacks for later while you’re pulling an all-nighter.

 5, A Yoga Mat.

My school has an on campus gym but you don’t always feel like walking half a mile there and back to work out. Invest in one of these and watch a work out video online or pop in a DVD and you’ve got a home gym in your dorm room!