Like many of my fellow students, life has been stressful lately. If you’re like me, you’re probably attempting to hold on to the spec of a social life you have left while still keeping up with homework, work, etc., and things can get really hectic. With spring in full swing and the beautiful weather outdoors pulling at you it gets hard to focus.

On those days where you just can’t will yourself to slave away on a history paper or muster out the last 50 answers on your math homework, don’t stress yourself out trying to. Too much stress can lead to digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, among other things. Instead, take a day off.

Sleep in

I can honestly say I am never happier than on those Saturday mornings when my body wakes itself up at 8AM and I am able to go back to sleep. Hit the snooze button and keep dreaming. Wake up at 11AM instead (if you don’t already) and go out to brunch with friends or have them over so you can all make something together.


 Get your game on

Last weekend before some of my friends headed off to Florida for the start of their spring break, we decided to hang out. In retrospect, we didn’t really do to much, but a simple day brought a lot of fun. We played Hostage (if you’ve never played, you should. All that is needed is a car and for everyone to have cell phones, played best in pairs. Everyone gets in the car, one person besides the driver ["hostage"] stays in while everyone else is dropped off in random locations within a close radius, the passenger texts/calls you and gives you clues to where they are, whoever finds the car first wins), and then went to grab a bite to eat at a nearby diner.

Dress up party!

Get dressed up in ridiculous or even fabulous clothes and have a photo shoot. Try new makeup ideas and just feel pretty for the day. If you don’t wanna dress up yourself, bake some delicious treats then decorate them! Cupcake making contests with friends are always fun.


Watch Flix on the Net

Netflix has become my absolute best friend this year. Though their selection may seem limited they do have a great selection overall. With classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s to modern Disney movies like Tangled, you can honestly find almost anything to consume your down time and enjoy watching. 


If your stress is at a 10 and the amount of work you have to do is at an 11, try yoga and then doing your work outside, provided the weather’s comfortable enough where you are. If not, just find somewhere cushy and comfortable where you can relax, blast some of your favorite music, and get in the zone to pound out your work.