Not to brag, but I probably have the best roommate ever. We’ve been in school for about and month and a half, and so far I have but one complaint: Morgan is nocturnal.

I love the girl; I feel like I’ve made that clear, but this whole off – sleeping schedule is really difficult for me to deal with. I usually go to bed between 12 and 1am and wake up between 8 and 10, depending on the day.

Most days we don’t have a problem; I wake up first, and Morgan rolls out of bed some time after. But the Tuesdays and Thursdays are killing me. Around 7:30, her alarm goes off… and again at 7:35… and again at 7:40… and again at 7:45. This goes on for a while, until finally she gets up at 8:05 or 8:10. Some times I wake her up, other times I can sleep through the alarms.

About two weeks ago we made a “no lights can be turned on until 9” rule.

“But when it gets dark in the winter…” Morgan started to say.

“I will buy a floor lamp.” I murmured from under my covers. (I was secretly thinking – “Yay! Another trip to Ikea!”)

Besides this minor blip, Morgan and I have had no real quarrels. I almost feel like the worst candidate to write The Roommate Diaries because we have no controversies. So if you have a story you’d like to tell, please let us know on our Facebook page – or email us!



I’ve been a vegetarian for about 11 months now, since mid – late December 2010. My boyfriend has been one for 6 years, and I decided to take on the challenge with him. Since then, I have avoided all meat and foods involving killing an animal. No Jell-O, no Ramen, no Starburst or Skittles… Except once last spring I did accidentally take a cup of cheese – potato soup at school that had ham in it. I ate about half of it before I realized it.

In August I decided to be a vegan. How is a vegan diet different than a vegetarian one? Vegans avoid eating all animal products on top of a vegetarian diet. No dairy, no honey. Basically if it comes from an animal, I don’t eat it. My boyfriend and I went on a double date with some friends at a restaurant in Grand Rapids called Brick Road Pizza that has a menu just for vegans! After eating there four times in two weeks, I convinced myself to make the change. I bought a vegan cookbook and some hummus.

The start of my veganism was rough. MSU advertised online that they catered to vegans and vegetarians, so I figured it would be easy. I was wrong. For the first three weeks I lived on hummus, carrots, cucumbers, and rice. Sometimes if I was feeling adventurous I would mix them all together and add a little bit of raspberry dressing. I complained a couple of times. “You can have a salad. The salad bar is always open.” This is every cafeteria worker’s favorite answer to “You don’t have anything vegan.” Let me tell you this: I can only eat so many vegetables until I turn into a purebred lion head rabbit. But that would probably never happen because I’ve also eaten enough French fries to turn me into Ronald McDonald himself.

Regardless of my horrible diet, I continued to complain. I’ve met all of the chefs at my main cafeteria, and most of the cafe servers know to explain exactly what is in all of the dishes to avoid another potato soup incident. I have even met with the dietician that  comes once a week to each cafe to discuss future meal ideas, and I’m working on deserts – vegans like sweets, too!

Do you have a special diet? If so, please let us know how you eat at school at our Facebook page!