Tweet, Tweet! Everyone loves Twitter. It’s my favorite website to get all my updates, whether it’s about the news, my friends or even celebrity gossip. Here are some great Twitter accounts to follow if you’re just starting college in the fall.

 1. Your school’s official Twitter account. You’ll get major updates about upcoming events, sports games, news and opportunities at your school, and you’ll be ahead of the game when you arrive on campus for the first time.

 2. @_Collegeproblem: If you’re looking for a good laugh and something to relate to, follow College Problems. They tweet about everything from classes to parties, and you’ll definitely find yourself nodding your head in agreement to some!



3. @nytimes: Be up-to-date about all the news. It’s also a great way to spend your time waiting for a meeting or class to start.

4. @90sgirlproblem: Were you a Backstreet Boys or an *NSYNC girl? Hey Arnold or Rugrats? This 90s girl tweets about everything you could possibly remember about growing up including my favorites: Lisa Frank school supplies and Boy Meets World.

5. @dormify- Of course, we couldn’t leave Dormify off the list! You’ll get updates on the most recent blog posts, new additions to the store and cute updates from the Dormify office. Who knows, you might even be retweeted!


Of course, don’t forget to do some tweeting of your own to keep your friends and family updated about your new life at school!