So it’s almost that time of the month when couples are lovey dovey and when stores are filled with stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates. But as a college or university student, you can get into the mood of Valentine’s Day by decorating your dorm to make it festive and sweet. If you still have Christmas decorations laying around, why not reuse them! The cutest things are always the simplest ones and when it comes to decorations, they can be inexpensive but still make your room blush. 

A wreath of hearts is quite easy to make and a fun activity to do with floor mates. However if you have a Christmas wreath why not spray paint it silver and pink. Of course you would do this outside! You don’t want to get in trouble by your RA! 


String a garland of hearts with clothes pins using a string. This is fairly cheap and most supplies can be found in your room or at your local dollar store. It can be hung pretty much anywhere but would look great across a window or a doorway. 

A tree of hearts can be creative and nontraditional. Using branches that can be found outside and cut out hearts makes this project fairly uncomplicated. To add an extra touch of sparkle, why not douse the branches in some glue followed by glitter!