LinkedIn is a social networking site that has capitalized on the ever-growing belief that who you know can help you get the job. Although your skills are a big factor in obtaining a job in your fated career, the connections that you make throughout your high school and college years can be what gets you “in the door” to your next job interview. With the relaxed etiquette of most social networking sites, professional networking would be difficult to accomplish. With photos of last night’s party floating around, no one wants a future professional connection to come across those.

As a college student, you may feel like having a LinkedIn profile isn’t a must-have at this point in your life. In actuality, the sooner you get one the better. With the economy and job markets suffering, the promise of a job or career after college is becoming slim. In the short term, landing an internship is becoming more and more competitive as these opportunities help to establish contacts and possibly land you future jobs. By establishing a PROFESSIONAL online presence, employers and internship supervisors will be impressed by your initiative and will have a chance to look at your online resume beforehand.

One fellow Dormify Style Advisor said, “It’s a more professional Facebook. For instance, if you meet someone and don’t give them a business card, they will Google you in order to contact you. You don’t necessarily want them to go to your Facebook page. You want them to find you on LinkedIn. It’s reliable, professional and easy.”

The fashion and design worlds are pretty cut throat when it comes to landing jobs or internships. Every girl is dying for a spot and has no problem pushing you out of the way for their chance. LinkedIn will give you the chance to gain firsthand contact with that editor you’ve been dying to meet or that stylist who is a friend of your friend that you want to intern for. LinkedIn is all about connections and how you make them. Your profile is your resume and speaks for you before you can even get the chance to speak for yourself. It’s a beneficial site that shows your maturity and readiness to enter the job/intern market.

Well, what are you waiting for? GO AHEAD AND MAKE ONE! P.S. There’s an app for that!

P.P.S. For an example, here is mine! Aspen’s LinkedIn Account