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Stylights: Take a Seat

Seriously, you’re going to need to sit down for this one. Dormify has just introduced loads of new products in my favorite category… seating! A good seating area can make any space cozier and can become an essential study spot or just a place to hang with friend. That's what we're  all about here at Dormify…

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TED Talks for an Awesome 2014

In the middle of back to school preparations, cold weather, and time with family and friends, many of us have…

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You Know You’re Still in Winter Break Mode When…

You still haven’t bought your textbooks because you are refusing to accept that fact that class starts tomorrow  …

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Lavender is the New Black

Pastels aren’t just for Easter anymore! Pastel shades have been a staple of the winter season, and can easily be…

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For those of you who are starting the semester undeclared (or are currently undeclared) and don't know what classes to…

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How to Make a Focus Wall

Staying motivated can be a tough task to conquer, especially when there's so many distractions. Personally, I have struggled with…

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Seizing Second Semester

A new year is finally here and hopefully by now you have stopped accidentally writing "2013" in the date line…

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Dorm Decor that Kicks Winter’s Butt

We all know the old saying, "Never wear white after labor day." While that may be true for clothes, I'm…

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A Second Set Of Letters

Now that I'm into my final semester at my university brings up many emotions and memories. I never would have…

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Interning Magic

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Disney College Program - if not it's time to learn about…

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