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Spring Essentials

Blooming flowers, warmer temperatures and occasionally watery pollen-aggravated eyes. Ah yes, Spring is finally upon us. And with the new season comes new trends to try out. Say adieu to your winter blues and try one of these trends on for size.  1. Suit That’s right ladies, as the lovely Emma Watson proves, you can…

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Top Things Girls Do When Choosing a College

1.    Watch the “I’m Shmacked” videos from every school you got into 2.    Hardcore stalk every person you know (or barely…

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Stylights: Earth Day Essentials

Every April, a special day rolls around that makes us think about the Earth that we live in and all…

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DIY College Budget Gifts: Mason Jars!

When you are on a college budget and you want to get a friend something special for their birthday, sometimes…

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Festival Ready

Festivals are all about good vibes and great music. Sounds like a great place to be, but prices and locations…

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Study Abroad Guide to Florence, Italy

Today I have officially been living in Florence, Italy for 3 months. This was my first study abroad experience and…

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HOLI Wow! HOLI Cow! HOLI Moly!

A few Sunday's ago (06 Apr 2014) was Holi at Vanderbilt, and exactly as it was advertised, it is the…

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Whether you're a transfer student or still in high school, this post applies to you! I should probably put a…

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Dear Diary

Most people hate writing. I mean hate writing more than you already have to for school right? Well, I realized…

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Dress to Impress

Brace yourselves: it's that time of year where recruiters are out head hunting for summer interns and new hires straight…

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