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The 100 Book Challenge

The New Year has me thinking about fresh starts, resolutions and returning to my routines post holiday. This year I resolve to read more books! 100 books to be exact. Reading allows me to focus on things I enjoy plus it helps me relax and grow (outside of school and work). Books have always been an escape…

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Single In College: Make It YOUR Best Years of Life

I am not preaching one way or the other but sometimes it can be tough being single as a young…

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Think Before You Post!

We all have it, we all love's social media. Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (do people still use this?), Instagram…

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Vail 500 girls

How to Make The Most of Your Last Semester of College

If you're a second semester senior like me, you're probably trying to push the thought of graduation to the way…

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Small Jars

Jars of 2014

Unless you have some kind of amazing photographic memory, it's pretty hard to remember every single thing that's made you…

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holding hands

Advice from an Upperclassman: End of Semester Check-In

So you’ve come home from winter break and although college is still awesome and you love your friends, something feels…

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Resolutions shmesolutions: Why I Picked a Word to Live By

Every year so many people make resolutions and never stick to them. I know for a fact I never remember…

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New Year’s Resolution: Be More Productive

If you're anything like me, then for the past 2 years you have made "stop procrastinating" your New Year's Resolution…

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A Happy New Year Means a Happy New You!

New Year's isn't just about the transition into another year, but it is a time to transition into a new…

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DIY: Faux Fireplace

Do you have a dreary AC unit in your room that can use a makeover? My roommates and I are constantly…

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